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Why Order YouTube Services From Us?

  • We 100% follow YouTube TOS, We only deliver manual services thus 100% safe to your video and channel therefore hence confidence to buy YouTube Subscribers.
  • 100% SATISFACTION guarantee.In fact We tend to over deliver when You buy any of our services.
  • Excellent support, Just Get in touch with us through the chat line on the bottom right corner of this page.
  • We are the most reliable in the industry, even after the recent YouTube update.
  • We have over 5 years experience in YouTube marketing.
  • when You Order YTube subs, and other services from us, We Start Working on Your order within 6hrs unless its on Weekend or public holiday.
  • We are the best provider for YouTube Views, likes, comments and subscribers.
  • We are the most reasonably priced in the industry, watch out cheap is expensive.
  • We keep You updated of our progress with Your order.
  • We give discount to recurring customers, Just Get in touch with us if You feel You deserve it. NB You must have promoted over 5 videos with us.
  • We email You a comprehensive report when We finish Your order. Get YTube hits, likes, comments and subscribers now!

Buy YouTube Likes

  • Are you looking to buy YouTube likes?Buy_YouTube_likes
  • We’ll start working on Your order in 5hrs after You order.
  • YouTube Likes Appear Immediately
  • All inquires and emails are replied within 3 hrs
  • Purchase YouTube likes now!

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Buy YouTube comments

If you would like your video to be very interactive and have many people discussing and leaving positive comments about it buy YouTube comments.

  • Want to Buy YouTube comments, we start working on your order in 6 hours
  • All comments are manually done.
  • We view Your Video and come up with positive comments about it.
  • Each comment is made from an unique YouTube account.
  • All inquires and emails are replied within 3 hrs

Get YouTube Comments

If You would like to mail us comments to use, mail them to

sales at BuyingRealYouTube views (dot) com

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Buy YouTube Subscribers

If you looking to make your video and channel to have big following of real people then You are in the right place.

  • All Subscribers will be delivered within 12hrs to a maximum of 1 Week..
  • We are the best place to buy YouTube subscribers.
  • We start working on your order in 6 hours
  • We start working on Your order within 24 hours and in most cases 6 hrs depending with workload.
  • We only provide Real human Subscribers.
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YouTube views

  • Get YouTube views fast, we start working on your order in 6 hours
  • We deliver about 800 to 3000 YouTube hits per day per video.
  • Get Real,Quality and genuine views with 100% guarantee, the only place where you can buy cheap youtube views that are of high quality.
  • Your Video cannot be banned by YouTube as a result of using our services
  • We start Your work within 3hrs-8hrs after You order.
  • All inquires and emails are replied within 3 hrs

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Q: Do You offer money back guarantee ?

  • Yes We offer money back guarantee if We do not deliver Your order. email us sales (at) BuyingRealYouTube views dot com


Q: How soon will You begin working on my video?

  • It typically takes about 3hrs and at most 24 hrs after We receive Your order. Depending with the workload We have. this excludes Weekend and US public holidays.

Q: How many views do I expect to be delivered to my Video a day?

  • It depends with the number of views purchased, typically We deliver 500-3000 views per 24hrs.

Q: My YouTube Video views are not increasing, why?

  • YouTube only updates views in Real time for videos with less than 300 views, from there it switches to 6-12hr before updating the views.

Typicality YouTube also runs filters to check whether the Your Video is receiving genuine views thus a slight freeze on at around 300 views. We only deliver Real views accepted by YouTube thus no cause of alarm.

Q: Can YouTube ban my Video for using this service.

  • No, We 100% confirm to YouTube T.O.S. since We deliver Real views and You can confirm from the statistics that our average viewers will spend 2-3mins on Your video. Thus Your Video can not be deleted or banned, 100% guaranteed

Since We deliver Real views spending 2-3mins viewing Your videos, non of our videos has ever been banned or deleted.
Still have a Question?
email us:

sales at BuyingRealYouTube views (dot) com

  • Allow 6-12 hrs for You tube to update views count for videos with over 300 views.
  • Ratings(Likes) and comments appear instantly.
  • call us +1 (240) 319-8530


Our Guarantee

  • ✅ Our services are 100% real people, no bots or software
  • ✅ We start your order in 30 minutes after your order.
  • ✅ We offer 100% money back Guarantee, if we don't deliver, we refund.
  • ✅ We Follow all TOS thus we we never put your account on risk
  • ✅ Our services are very Confidential.