Author: BRYV

Do not Complain! Youtube Policies Are Not For Creators, But Viewers

It is always portrayed that YouTube creators are forced to follow more and more rules, complied to make specific changes to their content, etc., but the actual picture is something different from this. YouTube cannot control what content you create, but it has to safeguard the viewers from watching something inappropriate. That is why YouTube […]

Not getting subscribers? Top 10 Easy & Effective Tips to Start Getting Subscribers Faster!

Do you want to know how to grow your YouTube channel to thousands of devoted followers? If you’re nodding your head and saying “yes,” this article is for you. Let’s be honest: as a YouTuber, you didn’t start your channel with the intention of gaining only 10 or 50 subscribers, did you? Of course, you […]

Top-Notch Advantages Of Creating A Youtube Channel!

People on the YouTube platform with their channels have different aims of creating it, but whatever the goal is, YouTube serves every person’s purpose. Some wish to entertain people by creating funny videos, while others want to promote their business. There are several YouTube strategies that one can use to improve the number of people visiting the […]

Why do people buy YouTube Views? Different (many) possible reasons

Hear us out: With only 100 dollars you can get more than 10 thousand views on YouTube, 10 thousand likes or some other mind blowing engagement. But, is it only the price? Why people do it? The market habit of buying and selling interactions on social networks has had a significant exploit in conjunction with […]